We have competitions in each of the categories listed below for teams with the Most Participants AND the Top Fundraising Teams to win engraved crystals and an invitation to our Grant Reception in the spring of 2018.

We RECOGNIZE & AWARD the following Team Award Categories:

  • Civic Organization
  • Company/Corporate
  • Church/Faith Based Organization
  • Friends & Family
  • Greek
  • Healthcare
  • College
  • Athletic Teams

In addition to the crystal and Grant Reception Invitation, students can win a pizza party for their school! The following categories are eligible for a pizza party (30 max pizzas per school) provided by Papa John’s for having the most participants or top fundraising amounts.

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School: Public

  1. Top Fundraiser
  2. Most Participants

School: Private

  1. Top Fundraiser
  2. Most Participants


Individual Rewards

Incentive Gifts for Individuals Raising $250 or More!


Click here for a list of prizes and categories. 

Your fundraising incentives are calculated based on the total fundraising dollars you have collected, turned in and recorded by November 16, 2017.

Incentive reward codes are emailed in early December and you can expect to receive your prize sometime in December or January. The deadline for selecting your prize is in January and we are sorry, but there can be no extensions. Prizes are not cumulative.

Also, there are contests for Team Captains and Team members by Komen Memphis-MidSouth for prizes throughout our Race Fundraising season.  Please make sure to read emails with the words CONTESTS or PRIZES in the subject line.  You can also check out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for contest news.

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Timed Runner Award Categories

There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner for each of the categories listed below:
•  Overall Survivor
•  Overall Male
•  Overall Female
•  Overall Youth Male (1-16)
•  Overall Youth Female (1-16)

There will be a 1st place winner for each category listed below:

•  Male Master (40-98)
•  Female Master (40-98)
•  Male Grandmaster (50-98)
•  Female Grandmaster (50-98)
•  Male (Age 1-9)
•  Female (Age 1-9)
•  Male (Age 10-16)
•  Female (Age 10-16)
•  Male (Age 17-23)
•  Female (Age 17-23)
•  Male (Age 24-31)
•  Female (Age 24-31)
•  Male (Age 32-39)
•  Female (Age 32-39)
•  Male (Age 40-47)
•  Female (Age 40-47)
•  Male (Age 48-54)
•  Female (Age 48-54)
•  Male (Age 55-62)
•  Female (Age 55-62)
•  Male (Age 63-69)
•  Female (Age 63-69)
•  Male (Age 70-98)
•  Female (Age 70-98)


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Susan G. KomenŽ Memphis-MidSouth Race for the Cure

Saturday, October 28, 2017

AutoZone Park (200 Union Ave.)

Memphis, TN 38103

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